Philosophy Bites
podcasts of top philosophers interviewed on bite-sized topics…
(one interview cca 10 min.)

1. Simon Blackburn on Plato’s Cave
2. Mary Warnock on Philosophy in Public Life
3. Stephen Law on The Problem of Evil
4. John Cottingham on The Meaning of Life
5. Miranda Fricker on Epistemic Injustice
6. Barry Smith on Wine
7. Alain de Botton on The Aesthetics of Architecture
8. Anne Phillips on Multiculturalism
9. Edward Craig on What is Philosophy?
10. Roger Crisp on Mill’s Utilitarianism
11. Adrian Moore on Infinity
12. Anthony Grayling on Atheism
13. David Papineau on Physicalism
14. Timothy Williamson on Vagueness

73. Ray Monk on Philosophy and Biography
74. Barry C. Smith on Neuroscience