50x40cm, acrylic on canvas, august 2010
(my attempt)

Final version

First version (later re-painted to purple)


Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein (26. apríl 1889 Viedeň – 29. apríl 1951 Cambridge) bol jedným z najvplyvnejších filozofov 20. storočia. Býva spájaný predovšetkým s analytickou filozofiou a filozofiu jazyka, ovplyvnil však aj logických pozitivistov. Jeho myslenie pravdepodobne najviac ovplyvnili Arthur Schopenhauer, Bertrand Russell a Gottlob Frege.

Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein (26 April 1889 – 29 April 1951) was an Austrian-born philosopher who was the author of the two most widely recognized philosphical works of the 20th century. He held the professorship in philosophy at the University of Cambridge from 1939 until 1947.
Described by Bertrand Russell as “the most perfect example I have known of genius as traditionally conceived, passionate, profound, intense, and dominating,” Wittgenstein inspired two of the century’s principal philosophical movements, logical positivism and ordinary language philosophy. (wikipedia)