Understanding the Brain
Taught By Professor Jeanette Norden, Ph.D., Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, Vanderbilt University

This series of lectures is ONE OF THE BEST WAYS TO START of learning about the ever-so-amazing brain!
Understanding the Brain provides you with an in-depth view of the inner workings of your brain. Your tour starts with the organization of the central nervous system at the gross, cellular, and molecular levels, then investigates in detail how the brain accomplishes a host of tasks—from seeing and sleeping to performing music and constructing a personal identity.

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Course Lecture Titles
36 Lectures
30 minutes / lecture

1. Historical Underpinnings of Neuroscience
2. Central Nervous System—Gross Organization
3. Central Nervous System—Internal Organization
4. Central Nervous System—Subdivisions
5. Cortex—Lobes and Areas
6. Cortex—Sensory, Motor, and Association Areas
7. Central Nervous System—Development
8. Central Nervous System—Cellular Organization
9. Pathways and Synapses
10. Neurotransmitters
11. Stroke
12. The Visual System—The Eye
13. The Visual System—The Cortex
14. The Auditory System
15. The Somatosensory System
16. Agnosias
17. The Motor System—Voluntary Movement
18. The Motor System—Coordinated Movement
19. Parkinson’s Disease
20. Language
21. The Limbic System—Anatomy
22. The Limbic System—Biochemistry
23. Depression
24. The Reward System—Anatomy
25. The Reward System—Drugs
26. Brain Plasticity
27. Emotion and Executive Function
28. Processing of Negative Emotions—Fear
29. Music and the Brain
30. Sexual Dimorphism of the Brain
31. Sleep and Dreaming
32. Consciousness and the Self
33. Alzheimer’s Disease
34. Risk Factors for Alzheimer’s Disease
35. Wellness and the Brain—Effects of Stress
36. Neuroscience—Looking Back and Looking Ahead