Principles of Neural Science is often assigned as a textbook for many undergraduate and graduate neuroscience and neurobiology courses. The book attempts to at least introduce every aspect of the modern understanding of the biology of the brain.

The fourth edition is divided into nine parts:

* Part I: The Neurobiology of Behavior
* Part II: Cell and Molecular Biology of the Neurons
* Part III: Elementary Interactions Between Neurons: Synaptic Transmission
* Part IV: The Neural Basis of Cognition
* Part V: Perception
* Part VI: Movement
* Part VII: Arousal, Emotion, and Behavior Homeostasis
* Part VIII: The Development of the Nervous System
* Part IX: Language, Thought, Mood, and Learning and Memory

First published in 1981 by Elsevier, Principles of Neural Science is a neuroscience textbook edited by Eric R. Kandel, James Schwartz, and Thomas Jessell. The original edition was 468 pages; now on the fourth edition, the book has grown to 1414 pages. The second edition was published in 1985, third in 1991, fourth in 2000. The fifth edition is due for publication on March 22, 2012 and will include A.J. Hudspeth as editor.